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We carry a full line of Joyva products, including Halvah bars, Jell Rings, Marshmallow twists and more.

Boxed Marshmallow Twists $6.00

Joyva chocolate covered marshmallow twists. 12 per box

Boxed Ring Jells $5.00

Joyva chocolate covered ring jells. 18 pieces per box.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Marshmallow Twists $6.00

12 pieces per box.

Joyva Halvah Bars $2.50

3.5 oz. bars.


We also carry Ring Jells, Marshmallow Twists, Cherry Marshmallow Twists, and Chocolate Covered Almond Bars in BULK. Please call for availability, and for special orders.
(203) 227-0101

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We also carry Bulk Halvah, in vanilla, marble and pistachio. We cut them in approximately half pound 'hunks'. Please call for availability, and we will cut your Halvah to order.
(203) 227-0101