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Our Favorites

Gold's Delicatessen has always been known for its high standards. We serve only the best! Now, many of those products are available for shipment to your door.

Not sure what to order? You can never go wrong with a gift certificate!

Gift Certificates

SlicedNova 1/2 lb. of Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon $18.00

Our Nova is Norway. It's smooth, silky and smoked to perfection. We'll hand-slice it, and wrap quarter pound air tight packages. Requires overnight shipping.

1/2 lb. of Smoked Sturgeon $25.00

Our Smoked Sturgeon is soft and flakey, buttery and delicious. Smoked to perfection and always hand-sliced. Requires overnight shipping.

Chopped Liver (1/2 lb.) $6.00

Our Chopped Chicken Liver is simply the best. Treat yourself or a loved one. This perishable delicacy requires overnight shipping.

New York Bagels $5.00

A half dozen of our famous New York Style bagels.

Corned Beef , Pastrami or Brisket

A half pound of our delicious, famous, Hebrew National Corned Beef. We'll include some of our famous deli mustard and some russian dressing. Requires overnight shipping.

Cole Slaw $3.00

Would you care for a half pound of cole slaw?

Potato Salad $3.00

Would you like a half pound container of our famous potato salad?

Vinaigrette Cole Slaw $3.00
Dried Fruit (small) $39.00

This willow basket contains hand wrapped bundles of dried pears, peaches, apricots and plums.


The Gold's Guarantee

At Gold's we guarantee satisfaction. If you experience a problem with your order, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

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